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PhlInfoAgencyMANILA, April 23 — President Benigno S. Aquino III last month approved two resolutions aimed at mitigating the release of black carbon to the environment and authorizing the design of a sustainable power system for more efficient energy production.

The President last March 25 approved Resolution 6 by the Climate Change Commission, authorizing the dialogue with Worldwatch Institute for the design of

Sustainable Power System: A Roadmap for the Philippines.”

Through the resolution, the Climate Change Commission, which is in the process of carrying out the National Climate Change Action Plan, officially invites Alexander Ochs, director of the Climate and Energy Worldwatch Institute, to discuss his offer to help the country design a sustainable power system. The commission will coordinate with Director Ochs and the Worldwatch Institute through the office of Climate Change Commissioner Heherson Alvarez.

Aside from the power system design, the President also approved Resolution 7, which endorses the Black Carbon or Black Soot Mitigation Project submitted by the commission.

Through the black carbon mitigation project, the Philippines could reduce pollution caused by diesel-fueled vehicles and generators.

The Climate Change Commission recognizes the need to address the problems brought about by black carbon and supports the mitigation project being developed by the private sector and will be providing the President with updates on the project.

The commission also mentioned that the country has made advances in the development and use of renewable energy, as mandated by President Aquino.

The Philippines, it said, leads the Asian region in the development and use of renewable energy, which provides 35 percent of the country’s entire energy production. Geothermal energy contributes 21 percent of the total energy mix, according to the commission. (PCOO)

– See more at: http://news.pia.gov.ph/index.php?article=1751398162821#sthash.oVj9Zb02.dpuf

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